The Dreadful Tides hailing from Melbourne, Australia exploded onto the airwaves in 2021 reimagining that classic 70s rock sound. Heavy riffs from the classic Les Paul and Marshall combo, deep drum sound that throws you back in your chair, bass lines taking you on a journey, Now with Jimmy Black’s unforgettable vocals taking the lead, this ferocious four piece are in a class of their own. 

TDT’s Live show is an energetic, powerful mix of hard rock hits and soothing rock vibes. Their ballsy tone makes a thunder storm sound like a nursery rhyme.

The Dreadful Tides have built themselves a number of radio additions, over 100,000 streams and with the help from a mind blowing “in your face” stage show, they have quickly became a known name in the Australian rock scene.

2024 is Looking to be a huge year for TDT with the release in April of their new single Fire in the Hole (please have an early sneaky listen), they have a number of single releases to see out this year and have started the year already knocking over Melbourne and Victorian regional shows, It doesnt matter which state in Australia, this year The Dreadful Tides are coming to you!

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