Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Dreadful Tides exploded onto the music scene in late 2021 like Ozzy ripping the head off a bat. They polluted airwaves around the country and internationally with their unique punch on modern hard rock, hitting hard with their debut singles' Crazy and House of Pain. 
Then they changed it up, a look into what makes The Dreadful Tides engine tick, backing up their first two singles with an absolute belter of a classic, N.I.B., which undeniably hails their sound. A tone immensely derived from the 1970s producing music best described as a modern-day version of Black Sabbath consumed with the many generations of hard rock in between. 
Pushing their music to the limits on the stage and into the crowd, giving fans a live show filled with extreme energy backs up what T.D.T. lay down. The truth is, you haven't experienced The Dreadful Tides until you have been a part of why they do what they do. 
Powerful vocals by Holden Stirling, Justin Strudwick's heavy guitar tone, Leland Hallett's thunderous drums, and Wes Hopkins' slamming bass lines combine in a firestorm that will blow the head of your beer clean off. The four-piece band brings their unique styles together collaborating their influences for that classic edge but a new era of hard rock.