The Dreadful Tides, one of Melbourne, Australia's best up and coming hard rock bands exploded onto the airwaves in 2021 giving the world a new definition of hard rock. Raw vocal tones flowing effortlessly into smooth melodic vocal runs, Heavy riffs from the classic Les Paul and Marshall combo, a huge drum sound that throws you back in your chair and bass lines that resonate through your head like a v-twin through a tunnel. 

Now with Jimmy Black’s unforgettable vocals taking the lead, this ferocious four piece are out with vengeance. Justin Strudwick (Guitar), Wes Hopkins (Bass) and Leland Hallett (Drums) round out the package with their distinctive blend of classic tones delivered with a modern vision creating a new era of hard rock.

TDT’s Live show is an energetic, powerful mix of hard rock hits and classic rock vibes. Their ballsy tone makes a thunder storm sound like a nursery rhyme.

Having built themselves a number of radio additions, over 100,000 streams and with the help from a mind blowing “in your face” stage show, The Dreadful Tides have quickly became a known name in the Australian rock scene.